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Cut your fleet's carbon footprint without expensive retrofits
Clarksons has partnered with Signol to help clients make impactful emissions reductions. Signol helps cut emissions by nudging operators to reduce waste one decision at a time. With no additional hardware or disruption, Signol can help you rapidly reduce your carbon intensity.

How it works

Using data science and positive communication, Signol nudges ships' crews to make better decisions, such as turning off an auxiliary engine, bad weather avoidance, or optimizing trim and rudder settings.

Signol can target and improve a range of maritime behaviours, including:


Trim & Draft Optimization

Chief Officer can reduce hullresistance and therefore fuel use

Speed Optimisation

Saving fuel by selecting the optimum speed for the vessel

Route Optimisation

Navigator can plan routes to arrive just in time & avoid poor weather

Engine Managememt

Chief Engineer can optimise Cylinder Oil Feed Rates or Auxiliary Engine Use

Trusted Partners

Reducing carbon emissions is high priority for our clients, and pressure will increase as further regulation and legislation come into force.

The joint initiative forms part of a broad service offering from the Clarksons Carbon Broking team, which is dedicated to assisting clients in reducing their fuel consumption and carbon footprint through working with trusted partners.

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“Our strategic partnership with Signol allows us to strengthen our integrated approach to shipping decarbonisation and provide our clients with broader options to consider in the mitigation of both footprint and compliance risk.

We believe that Clarkson’s role is not just to enable global trade, but also to be proactive in our industry’s response to emissions by promoting positive change. This aspiration is at the heart of our partnership with Signol.

We are pleased to be working with them and are hopeful this can provide our clients a convenient additional resource to help deliver meaningful  emissions reduction and cost savings to their shipping businesses.”

Roger Horton

Chief Commercial Officer (Global Broking) at Clarksons


Made for Mariners

We believe that both captain and crew have the potential to drive huge carbon reductions through increased vessel efficiency when they’re given the right data.

Signol helps skilled operators understand their own behavioural patterns, enabling them to cut carbon and save fuel, time, or effort.

The software uses existing data to deliver highly personalised feedback to mariners, giving them smart targets and incentives, to help them cut carbon emissions.


The maritime industry is demanding environmental solutions that aren’t capital intensive and slow-moving. There is extensive innovation in decarbonising shipping, but developing new technologies and vessels takes time.

Signol helps seafarers tweak their behaviours on existing fleets, delivering carbon emission reductions by the metric tonne, without expensive retrofits or retraining.

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